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Securing a Marketing Focused Domain Name: Multiple Domains: Misspellings


It is always a good idea to secure potential misspellings of your domain name. I recently did a radio interview and at the end of the interview I provided my domain name. Unfortunately I did not take the time to actually spell it out. Upon realizing my error, I immediately went out and purchased multiple spellings of my URL to redirect to my main site.

  • PolPositionMarketing.com
  • PullPositionMarketing.com
  • PollPositionMarketing.com

This allowed me to capture all traffic from any listeners that may have had a different spelling of my site in mind, which increased my visitor rate from those who listened to the broadcast substantially.

Along with misspellings you should also consider purchasing plural and/or singular versions of your domain. I was doing research on some of my competitors and over the course of several weeks kept revisiting certain sites. One site in particular I had continuous trouble finding because I kept typing the domain name incorrectly. If I was the owner of grantasticdesigns.com I would also purchase and redirect the following:

  • grantasticdesign.com
  • grandtasticdesigns.com
  • grandtasticdesign.com

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