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Why PPC Doesn’t Work for You

Many PPC beginners or business owners/executives that try and run their own PPC accounts enter into it with a fatal flaw in their thinking.  It has to do with expectations.  […]

Things Your PPC Manager Shouldn’t Say

When it comes to online marketing, I see and hear about way too many companies that don’t take the paid traffic channel seriously enough. They either don’t do it (huge […]

Final Lap for Week of October 17

It’s time again for Pole Position Marketing’s Final Lap! Check out some of the great stuff our team The Pit Crew read during the week of October 17.

Dynamic Keyword Research – Don't Optimize Campaigns on Sinking Sand

Marketing on the web is demand-driven. Searchers are looking for answers. The best way to dominate the game is to become the best answer to their questions. This is why it’s important to do dynamic keyword research instead of static keyword research. It’s also why you don’t copy and paste the same ads into all of your ad groups talking about yourself and what makes you great.

Telling the Story of Your PPC Ad Tests With Time

Chad Summerhill wrote a nice post recently about something you should be doing if you manage your own PPC account and something you should be showing your clients if you manage accounts for others – visual statistically significant ad test results by time period. Check out the “how-to” in that post.