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Forget the Sale. Focus on the Customer

There are a lot of phases to the buying cycle. Searchers begin with a thought and then start researching answers via their favorite search engine. As they learn more about […]

Using Paid Search Campaigns Correctly to Build Your Online Business

Last week, we talked about PPC trick #1 to building your online business for the long-term – using keywords correctly. This week, let’s talk about another “trick of the trade” that will also help on the way to this goal.

As the number of targeting options for PPC increases, so do the creative ways in which you can organize your campaigns to get the maximum effectiveness out of them. As I mentioned last week, for example, you can create a “fishing” campaign and a “bucket” campaign in order to separately control budgeting, bidding and other targeting options to focus your efforts on dominating the locations (search queries) that really put food on the table.

Are You Preaching to the Converted?

There is an odd phenomenon that I have noticed in the world of websites. There is a small, yet vocal, group of people that love crap! Time and time again, […]

Cold Calling Bob Loblaw

I took the most amusing cold call in my entire life this morning. Caller: “Good morning, may I speak with Bob … I’m sorry, I am having a difficult time […]

Where Have all the Online Sales Gone?

I posted an article over at Search Engine Guide discussing the recent slow down in growth in online sales as noted by the NYT. In it I discuss the math […]