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Link Building Secret STATS Revealed!

Link Building Secret Stats Revealed

I’m just now getting around to checking my stats after posting Link Building Secrets Revealed on our site early last month. I thought I’d share a few stats:

The main page linked above was viewed just over 7,500 times. That’s not bad traffic. But who’s secret was most popular?

Here’s the breakdown on page views for each contributor’s page:

  1. Peter van der Graaf: 4,461
  2. Maurizio Petrone: 2,536
  3. Patrick Altoft: 1,828
  4. Hamlet Batista: 1,782
  5. Rand Fiskin: 1,566
  6. Eric Ward: 1,419
  7. Jim Boykin: 1,228
  8. Michael Gray: 1,063
  9. Debra Mastaler: 1,043
  10. Bob Gladstein: 931
  11. Peter da Vanzo: 801

There were another 1,891 views for a broken link. I think we’ll see why below. Next we’ll look at where the majority of the traffic came from.

These are the top 10 traffic sources to the main page only

  1. Search Engine Land: 2,486
  2. Sphinn: 2,334
  3. StumbleUpon: 978
  4. Outil-referencement.com: 687
  5. blog.abondance.com: 589
  6. E-Marketing Performance: 543
  7. Google: 520
  8. SEOmoz: 395
  9. Socialmedia1.com: 356

I didn’t pull the top traffic sources for each of the contributor pages, but instead looked at only those that delivered traffic over a few hundred.

These are the top traffic sources to contributor pages

  • SEObook.com: 1,742 – Peter van der Graaf
  • Wolf-howl.com: 1,553 – Broken page!
  • SEObook.com: 1,420 – Maurizio Petrone

And finally, a few points of interest:

  • I’m showing search referrals to my site using the term “bukkake”. That’s always fun.
  • Someone commented on Matt Cutt’s blog, posting a link shaming the article for being a “how-to for spammers”. That link delivered 12 visits!

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