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PPC Training 101

Coming from a background in training, I always appreciate a useful training tool. I found Chapter 4 “Paying to Play: Pay-Per-Click” by SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit, to be an […]

Q&A with Max Speed

I’m back with another round of Q and A. I’d like to thank all none of you that took the time to submit the quality insightful questions below. If it […]

Reno, I Love You But You’re Embarassing Me!

Audio feed [audio:https://www.polepositionmarketing.com/emp/blog-audio/reno-i-love-you.mp3] A couple of Saturdays back I had to spend the day at the office to get caught up. You know how that is, come Friday you realize […]

Team Reading List 10.24.07

Remove the Negative Words in Your Advertising and Marketing Top 20 Most Ingenious SEO Company Names – (just for fun)

Politics and Advertising: Do They Mix?

I don’t have a problem with political ads. In fact, I think the whole campaign finance reform issue is ill conceived and does the opposite of what we really want. […]

Team Reading List 8.16.08

New robots.txt feature and REP Meta Tags Run a StumbleUpon Advertising Campaign For Your Blog Must Read Link Building Posts From This Week Lower Keyword Focus To Improve Search Engine […]

In A Nutshell: Yahoo Smart Ads

I’ve been reading up on Yahoo’s release of SmartAds, and of all of them I find Yahoo SmartAss the most amusing, probably because I like the play on words. Search […]

Pure Marketing Genius

I’m pretty immune to advertising. I fast forward through TV commercials, and rarely watch anything on YouTube, unless it’s referred to me as a great marketing piece. When I found […]

Team Reading List 6.27.07

Today is my birthday so I’ll be celebrating it the way I celerate every other work day, with one exception… I’ll be expecting gifts. I accept books, CD’s, and anything […]

Did Yahoo! Lose the War for the Crown?

Remember when Yahoo and Google were best buds? Well, more like Yahoo was the King and Google did his search work. Searching for “Yahoo Powered by Google” doesn’t return much […]