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achieve business failure

Achieve Swift Business Failure With These 7 Tips

Everyone in America is so obsessed with success. But you know what success breeds? More work. Fortunately, I’ve been witness to some of the worst practices in digital marketing–practices guaranteed […]

local SEO tactics for 2017

Local Marketing: The 2017 Trend To Watch

Local SEO has been making trend watch lists for a few years now, but we’re reaching a juncture in marketing now where the SEO angle simply isn’t enough. Rather, to […]

desktop still matters

Sorry Mobile Converts, The Desktop Still Matters

I’ve been writing a lot about mobile marketing and optimization lately primarily because of it’s importance in the search landscape. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you can be missing out […]

social and mobile

Want to Be Social? Then you Gotta Be Mobile!

Over the past few years, social media has really bloomed, which has made social media marketing an ever-more important part of a successful web marketing campaign. But being successful on […]

Mobile first strategy doesn't mean mobile only

Mobile First is not Mobile Only

I’ve written quite a bit about mobile design, development and optimization recently, advocating for a “mobile first” philosophy. But going “mobile first” doesn’t mean “mobile only.” The world is going […]

Go mobile

New Site Launch Tip #8: Go Mobile!

I was recently asked to provide an answer to a question about what SEOs should focus on in 2016. My response was: Mobile Mobile Mobile (Not necessarily in that order.) […]