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Do You Make These 3 Online Marketing Mistakes?

Many thanks to Suzanne Arthur, owner of start-cleaning-business.com, for this helpful guest blog post. Getting into business is like buying a car. Making assumptions about how it runs can steer you […]

What's Changed? – Your Door to Website Performance Insights

Either reporting or looking at reports of your top X whatever rarely leads to insights. Why? They rarely change. Ok, once in a while they do, but for the most part, your top keywords, landing pages, referrers, etc. are going to be basically the same. This is because (for most, not all) what you’re offering doesn’t change. The problem is that when you look at a report like this, you are looking at static numbers. The key to getting insights from your website is looking at trends, or what’s changed. This opens up the doors to asking why things went a certain direction and finding out what’s really going on where.

Dynamic Keyword Research – Stay in Front of Your Competition

Google has this tool called Insights for Search. At first glance, it looks like a pretty simple, fairly unsophisticated tool that just tells you if search volume is going up or down for a particular keyword or group of keywords. Not many insights there, right? I mean, all you really have to do for search engine marketing is keyword research with one of the many tools available to you out there and you can easily line up the keywords that you want to go after by search intent and volume, right?

Try a Little SEO Romance

I was thinking the other day about how influencing search engines is like influencing people. Short of brute force and absolute control, you can’t force anyone to do your bidding. […]

The 12-Step Program for Online Marketing

The 12-Step Program, developed by AA, has been used by countless individuals and copied by many organizations to help people get their lives on track. Here, we present the 12-Step […]

Discover Proven Money-Making Results for PPC Text Ads…Guaranteed

I’ve started powering through David Szetela and Joe Kerschbaum’s new PPC book called Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing: An Hour a Day and I really like this PDF they made available online to their readers. Although it’s about classified ads, you can pull direct correlations to apply to your PPC text ads when advertising on search engines. Really, search engine results pages (SERPs) are just like classified ads except the page is digital instead of paper.

Double Your Paid Search Clicks Without Raising Your Budget

The keyword phrases to use for your PPC account aren’t always obvious. A key to great ROI and customer loyalty is to have customers think that you’re the only viable solution to their problem at a given time. Therefore, the challenge in keyword research is not coming up with keywords. That’s the easy part. You just scan the website and use the product names and there you go…a keyword list.

The challenge is in exploiting markets that become successful that competitors may not have thought of. That’s why it’s important to always be practicing keyword discovery and exploring phrases that might work well by always testing.

Take Your Online Business to New Heights with the Display Network – Part 3

Now that you’ve chosen your keywords to create ad group themes, you want to have ads that will move targeted users from whatever they’re doing online to being aware and interested in your product or service. Remember, since the Display Network operates by completely different rules and the users are in a completely different state of mind, the ads should be different than Search Network ads.