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How Your Killer SEO Could Get Killed

So you are ranking in the top of the major search engine rankings for your main keywords and are receiving solid traffic. Congratulations! Time to rest, relax, and rake in […]

Stick a Fork In It, SEO is Dead (Again)

The rumors (over the past 17 years) about the death of SEO are both greatly exaggerated and partially true. I’ve been hearing this since the day I started in the […]

Are Your Web Pages Printer Friendly?

Living online as much as we do, we don’t often think about how our web site translates offline. Yes, people still print web pages for later offline reference. How does […]

Types of Keywords to Avoid

I understand. You have a reason for going after specific keywords. However, targeting certain types of keywords is a waste of time and effort. Why? They won’t perform as expected. […]

Web Marketing Trends to Watch in 2014

If there is one constant in the web marketing industry, it’s change! There’s no doubt heading into the new year that search engines will tweak the way they rank the […]

Evaluating A Link’s Worth [Infographic]

Let’s say you’ve been given charge of implementing a link building campaign. You’ve read innumerable posts over the last several years regarding the demise of low-quality link building, in which, […]