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SEO Cold Calling For Dummies

I just got a call today from MainStreetHost.com telling me I don’t know the first thing about SEO. After 11 years in the industry, this was news to me. Of […]

Link Building Secret STATS Revealed!

I’m just now getting around to checking my stats after posting Link Building Secrets Revealed on our site early last month. I thought I’d share a few stats: The main […]

How NOT to Write a Link Request Email

I received the following link request email and laughed. What does this person hope to get out of this? Did I sign up for an email joke of the day? […]

Reno, I Love You But You’re Embarassing Me!

Audio feed [audio:https://www.polepositionmarketing.com/emp/blog-audio/reno-i-love-you.mp3] A couple of Saturdays back I had to spend the day at the office to get caught up. You know how that is, come Friday you realize […]

Poll: Would You Digg or Bury Digg.com?

I’m fascinated by the way Digg works, specifically the whole idea of burying article. What are the reasons Diggers bury articles? Well, according to Digg they are: Duplicate Story Spam […]