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Don’t Limit a Great Concept to 140 Characters

turn tweets into blog posts

Have you ever found that 140 characters just isn’t enough to get your point across? Or maybe you did but there is a lot more to say on the topic. If I had to guess, that happens pretty often.

So what can you do about that?

Twitter is considered a micro-blogging site. You say all you can with 140 characters. But sometimes there is more to say. A lot more.

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Conversion Volume vs Conversion Rate: What Matters More?

Conversion Volume vs Conversion RateAny action you want your visitor to take can be considered a conversion. Tracking conversion numbers is simply a game of counting how many took that action. And while that is important, it’s the actual conversion rate that holds more value for you.

Your conversion rate tells you how good of a job you are doing at converting your existing traffic. The better your conversion rate, the more conversions you’ll get. For example, if you have a 1% conversion rate, you’ll get one conversion for every 100 visitors. Improve your converion rate to 5% and those same 100 visitors now give you 5 conversions.

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Site Navigation That Encourages More Conversions

Choose Your Own Conversion Adventure: Site Navigation That Encourages More Conversions

“Choose Your Own Adventure” books were all the rage back when I was a kid. But thanks to Al Gore for creating the Internet (wink, wink), we now have a choose your own adventure web. Unfortunately, too many sites are built like a traditional novel. They try to force visitors into the sale without letting them choose their own conversion path, or “adventure.” Learn how the site navigation of many website leads to the ultimate demise of the conversion in my latest Search Engine Journal article.

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Starbucks SEO Audit Shows How You Can Overcome Big Brand Goliaths

Starkbucks SEO Audit

Many small-to-medium sized businesses have the tendency to believe they can’t compete with their industry’s Goliat’s when it comes to organic search. While large companies do tend to have more resources, web marketing is a vast landscape. Even Fortune 500 companies, like Starbucks, have additional opportunities to optimize their website and improve the overall user experience, increase conversions and boost search performance.

I chose Starbucks for this audit because they’ve successfully built international brand recognition, to the extent that “Starbucks” is practically synonymous with coffee. Even still, as you’ll see, they have an imperfect campaign. The areas in which Starbucks is lacking are the areas where other, smaller companies can take advantage and grow their online presence, with the real possibility of overcoming “the giant” and gaining a competitive advantage online.

The only way to close the gap is to act, so grab your slingshot!

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New Site Launch Tip #7: Don’t Let Bad Code Drag Your New Site Down

Bad code

Most of the time web designers and developers are focused on the look of a site but less on the coding. However the coding can make or break a site’s performance in the search engines.

For the most part, browsers and search engines are very forgiving of poor code, but sometimes what might amount to a small thing turns out to create a big problem in your site’s performance.

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Why You Need a Web Marketing Team, Not a One-Man Band


Pitfalls of one-man web marketing band

A good web marketer has to have a lot of knowledge and skills in a number of different areas, but that doesn’t mean that one person can do it all. Like your favorite band, web marketing works best when you have a strong group all working together in the area where they have specialized skill and knowledge.

I believe the days of the solo web marketer are pretty much gone. Find out why in the my latest SEMPost article.

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“Mobile Friendly” Is So Yesterday. Time to Think “Mobile First”

Mobile First

As big as mobile is, it still seems to take second banana to desktop. After all, when you are developing a new site, what do you primarily think about? How it looks on desktop, right? And then you make sure it also looks OK on mobile and go on your way.

But now that the number of mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches in Google, it’s past time to flip the script. It’s no longer about making your site “mobile-friendly.” In my latest Marketing Land article, I tell you why mobile, not desktop, should be considered first.

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10 Keys to Successful SEO Client Management

Indispensable people skills

There is an endless stream of information out there for web marketers to soak in. For a successful web marketer, education NEVER stops. But it takes more to succeed than simply learning the best practices and technical how-tos.

In my latest Search Engine Journal article, I discuss how the best SEOs are those that can successfully collaborate with their client. An SEO can’t do it along. It has to be a team effort. Read the full article to learn what “people skills” SEOs and Clients both need to employ to achieve mutually beneficial results.

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