types of competitors to keep an eye on

4 Types of Competitors You Need to Keep an Eye On

Whenever we talk to new clients, they always think they know who their competition is. Usually, they’re right. But usually they are only hitting a small sliver of the competitive […]

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taco theroy of digital marketing proposals

The Taco Theory of Digital Marketing Proposals

One of my favorite restaurants is a local Mexican place called El Campesino. In the almost ten years I’ve been eating there (four or times per year) I have probably […]

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search optimized canonical urls

Clean Your Litter Box: Use Search Optimized Canonical Urls

Before you can go about optimizing a website, typically you have to go about making sure it’s search engine friendly first. After all, a keyword optimized site that doesn’t have […]

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decision making for dummies review

Review: Decision Making for Dummies

Many of us have trouble making decisions. And even if we don’t, we don’t always know why we make some decisions over others. Decision Making for Dummies helps give us […]

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search friendly urls

Two Steps to Make URLs Search Friendly AND Optimized

If you’ve been following along with this blog at all, you’ll know that I see a distinction between making a site search engine friendly and making it search engine optimized. This […]

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