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Don’t Spam Your Image Optimization

Image optimization is often an overlooked part of SEO, but for some reason images often get the crap spammed out of them by SEOs trying to improve their organic page […]

Does Your Logo Scream “YOU”?

Logos are one of the primary ways you brand yourself visually with your visitors. Your logo can tell someone a lot about your company with nothing more than a simple […]

Remember to Title Your Images

When using images on your website, consider adding text to the image title attribute. This title text often appears when the visitor hovers their mouse over the image making it […]

Image (Not Rankings) Matter in SEO

In business, sometimes image is all we have. Many companies survive on their image alone. Sure, they had to work hard to build that image, but it’s the image they […]

Use Ad Testing to Help Reach Your PPC Marketing Goals – Part 1

Once a PPC account is set up and running, a good account manager is always looking for ways to improve results to better reach the account’s marketing goals. One such way is to test different types of ad messages to gain insights into what attracts your industry’s customers to your products/services so that you can better understand and communicate with them.

Using Account Organization to Spend PPC Dollars More Intelligently – Part 2

In my last post, we took a look at a good reason for an account manager to make separate campaigns in an AdWords account. If you have a similar product with different profit margins and total profit, then you want to control how much you’re spending on each. In this post, we’ll explore more of the reasons to separate campaigns.