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The Long, Hard Slog of Building Website Authority

building website authority

Despite what we often see in the movies, championships aren’t won overnight. They are an accumulation of many, many hours of practice. 10,000 hours to be (in)exact.

In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the “10,000-Hour Rule.” That’s (roughly) the number of hours it takes in order to become an expert in something. Of course, like all “rules,” this one comes with a degree of skepticism and studies disproving the studies. Yada, yada, yada. But I think we can all agree that Michael Jordan wouldn’t be the great player he was without the thousands of hours he invested in practice long before he even came to the NBA.

When it comes to web marketing, however, businesses often think that they can skip the “practice” and move their site into “expert” status just by throwing money into it. Money may get you the resources to get there, but you still have to put in the time.

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Why “What’s Next?” Should Be the Purpose of Every Page

webpage purpose

When building or marketing a website I think it’s easy to create content for the sake of having it available. We do our research and know what searchers are searching for, we know what solutions they are looking for, and we know what information they need to feel satisfied.

That helps us create the content for the page. But what is the purpose of the page?

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Turning the Tables, Gramovox SEO Audit

Gramovox SEO Audit

I’m an “old soul” who’s addicted to music. I had a record player growing up. It was a cheap plastic one, but I have fond memories of listening to my mom’s record collection on it. My mom and I have different tastes in music, but she had a few albums I loved. My favorite was, Pet Sounds.

The last several years, I’ve been browsing record players, and dreaming of piecing together a system. One of the reasons I still don’t have a record player is that I’m very particular about having it sound great, which will require a lot of money to achieve, and so…I save.

In talking to a long-time friend of mine, I shared my desire to own a turntable. As a fellow audiophile, I figured she might have a legitimate recommendation. When I asked her, she immediately said, “Have you looked at Gramovox?”

Gramovox is a record player manufacturer that “re-imagines vintage design with modern technology.” I’m almost sold on the tagline alone because it gets to the very intersection of what I want in a turntable. In vetting their product to determine whether or not make a purchase, I found myself evaluating them based on my perspective as an SEO. I found things they’re doing well as well as areas of opportunity and thought I’d share my feedback in the form of a site audit.

In this audit, I’m going to cover specific areas that are integral to improving SEO performance. They include on-page optimization, site architecture, broken links, redirects and navigation.

Let’s take a look at what Gramovox is doing well, where they have opportunities to improve and how you can relate it to your business.

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Why Searcher Intent Should Direct Your Website Content

searcher intentAs content marketing moves into the mainstream of marketing strategies, you’ll find no shortage of articles being written that tells us how to create content that our customers want. In the world of SEO, you’ll hear a lot about topical optimization and how to create content that stays focused on a single topic in order to be “authoritative.”

But those aren’t the only important things to consider when it comes to creating customer-focused content. Having a thoroughly researched topic does make for great content, but when it comes to search and keyword optimization, you need to go one step beyond that. You need your content to match the intent of the searcher.

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Don’t Panic: It’s Just a Glitch


real-time website data

The fact that we have access to so much website data is great. In fact, much of the data we can get is very close to real-time. How cool is that?

Well, sometimes it isn’t so cool at all, because web marketing isn’t won by looking at the day-to-day data so much as it’s won by looking at overall trends. Over the course of any marketing campaign, there will be mountain tops and valleys. Rankings fluctuate, traffic is volatile, and sales bound around on a day-to-day basis.

A daily understanding of what is going on is important to pinpoint problems, but not everything that you see day to day can show you the truth of the campaign. Sometimes, change is just temporary.

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Why You Should Be Able to Ditch Your Website’s Navigation

eliminate navigation

Now before you put me in the loony bin for that title, please rest assured I don’t really think you should ditch your navigation. Clear and effective navigation is essential to every website. However, you should never rely on your site’s navigation alone to get your visitors to the information they want. In fact, as a general rule of thumb, your visitors should be able to navigate effectively through your site if you removed the navigation entirely!

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Must-Have Information to Set Digital Marketing Benchmarks for Success


Digital marketing benchmarksBefore we embark on any new web marketing campaign for a client, we try to establish some benchmarks. We ask the client to provide some baseline information that will help us measure improvements and providing proper attribution going forward.

The questions below help establish benchmarks for sales, traffic and conversion improvements as the campaign moves forward.

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Sorry Mobile Converts, The Desktop Still Matters


desktop still matters

I’ve been writing a lot about mobile marketing and optimization lately primarily because of it’s importance in the search landscape. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you can be missing out on a lot of valuable traffic. But while I have a mobile-first philosophy when it comes to web design (not to be confused with mobile only), I maintain a healthy respect for desktop marketing. Why? Because it still matters!

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Every Website Has a History That Helps Tell Its Future



website questions for SEOs

You’ve heard it said that unless you know where you’ve been, you won’t be able to figure out how to get to where you’re going. Or something like that. But there is definitely some truth to that in the realm of web marketing. Your site’s past will impact its future!

And there is no better way to know a site’s past than to ask the right questions. The questions below are ones that we ask all new clients in order to help us better understand the site’s background and how that might impact the strategy (and results) going forward.

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The Ultimate Keyword Sorting and Organization Spreadsheet

Keyword sorting

Keyword research has always been an important part of the process for optimizing a website for search performance. Even with all the algorithm changes that have occurred over the years, the importance of keyword research has not diminished.

There are thousands of ways, tools and resources out there to help you perform quality keyword research. Every SEO has their own methodology, favorite data sources and ways to organize and sort through that data, in order to create list of keywords to focus on with their SEO campaigns. But there is more to keyword research than just the research.

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