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How You Can Survive the Online Marketing Onslaught

An overwhelmed marketing expert

Being in the web marketing industry for as long as I have been gives me a unique vantage point. One thing that continually amazes me is both the changing nature of web marketing and its remarkable consistency at the same time. In the grand scheme of things, good SEO is still good SEO. What works today also worked in 1998. However, the same can’t be said in reverse, many tactics that SEOs used back in 1998 clearly no longer work today.

That’s the consistent part. So what’s changed?

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5 Website User Experience Mistakes That Hurt Your Bank Account

Most business owners and executives want their businesses to grow. In order to do that, (let’s talk basic accounting) the total amount of deposits has to consistently exceed the total amount of withdrawals, or else the business is just treading water; or maybe even drowning. In this day and age, websites are one of the tools that can ultimately determine which direction your business goes. While it may not make or break all businesses at this point in time, it’s certainly critical for most.

Profit Loss Sheet

What I’d like you to do for the next few minutes is to think about your website like you do your balance sheet. But, don’t just think about the numbers or how much the website costs to maintain versus how much revenue you can directly tie to it. Take it back a step. Take it all the way back to the user experience, because this is where it starts. Think about how a user’s experience with your website affects their relationship with your brand. Because when it comes to the numbers, the user experience is the cause. The numbers are just the effect.

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21 Things Every Web Developer Should Do

iMac Computer with keyboard

Ferros Bueller Quote

Bueller, anyone?

If only Ferris knew what was ahead. That quote comes from much simpler, and slower times. With the web and all it’s related technologies, we have seen life change faster than ever. If life was fast during Ferris’ day, it’s at lightning speed now!

But the faster life gets, the more we have to slow down to take stock of things. This is no less true in the ever-changing web. But let’s start at the beginning: web development. This is usually the starting point of a business’ web presence outside of social media. Sometimes, in haste to “get going” business owners look for web developers to build their website quickly, cheaply and… wrongly.

I think it’s time to slow web development down.To not look at how quickly it can be done, but at the process in which it is done. Hop on over to Search Engine Journal to see the full post.

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Guest Blogging: 6-Months After The Fork

Guest Blogging: 6-Months After The Fork

Guest Blogging, Going Strong 6-Months After it “Died”

On January 20th, Matt Cutts posted his famous rant against guest blogging. He’d just received a spammy email from someone asking to write a post for his blog …in exchange for a link.

I guess Matt Cutt’s blog is a bad target for link building. Who knew?

Matt’s response was loud and clear: “Stick a fork in it. Guest blogging is done.” The reaction from the SEO community was immediate. As a tactic, guest blogging fell out of favor instantly.

Or did it? It’s been six months now. Is “guest blogging done” as Matt declared? Let’s take a look at the state of the tactic…

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As An SEO Client You Can Push These 5 Things Off Your Worry Plate

SEO worry free zoneWhen you hire an SEO to optimize your website, you want them to be successful. Trust me, in order to retain your business, the SEO will want the same. In order to achieve success the two entities must work together. There are aspects of your business that nobody understands better than you, in the same regard there are details of your optimization campaign best left to the SEO.

In my latest post on Search Engine Journal, I share five things, you as the client, should never have to worry about.

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Final Lap: Winning Web Marketing Reads–June 2014

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing ArticlesIt’s hard to keep up on the latest thought leadership, ideas, trends and news in the web marketing industry, which is why we bring you the Final Lap. Each member of Pole Position Marketing Pit Crew, and the office alter ego, Max Speed, bring you their winning article to help your business. Topics include SEO, paid search, usability, link building, local search, content marketing, social media and other areas of marketing and business. Plus, you’ll find articles that have earned “honorable mentions” and are also worth a read. Enjoy and feel free to comment with your winning articles.Continue Reading

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Questions Every Web Developer Should Ask

businessman checking off a listWhen it comes to websites, there’s a history of disconnect between SEOs and web developers. An SEO is concerned with optimizing usability and site structure. A web developer is concerned with function of code and site design. In order for a website to perform at its greatest potential, the two disciplines must make nice and work together. If the two can work in tandem from conception through the launch of a site, a lot of time and energy can be spared from reworking what has already been done.

To help this process go as smoothly as possible, I’ve created a list of questions in my latest Search Engine Land post, 100+ Questions You Must Ask When Developing A Web Site.

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Your Website Sucks and SEO Isn’t Gonna Help You!

increased sales are more important than rankingsHot tip: SEO isn’t just SEO anymore. You know what I mean?

Every day we get new prospects asking us to help them grow their business. Usually they are thinking about how we can help them improve their rankings and maybe assist with social media, since that’s hot right now. What they often completely miss is the big elephant in the room: A website that couldn’t sell ice water in the Sahara desert!

Well, guess what? Search engines want to rank sites that people find valuable. If your site isn’t doing a good job of selling the visitors you do get, getting more traffic is pointless. (And getting top rankings will be much more difficult!) But even if you could get the top rankings you want, what’s the point? A few more sales trickling in? How about turning on the fire hose instead?Continue Reading

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Content Isn’t King Without Having Subjects

Writing Website ContentIs content still king? It depends. If your content marketing strategy lacks other elements of digital marketing, then no. For content to be effective it must be more than just taking up real estate on your website. Are people reading and engaging with it? Does it provide your audience with the information they’re looking for?

Find out in my latest post on Search Engine Journal, why, “content is communication, community is a conversation,” matters for the success of your content marketing.

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Blogging Monster

woman in fear of bloggingI’ve been writing for more than 20 years now, and my finished products have run the gamut from breaking news and feature stories in newspapers, to business profiles in trade magazines and blog posts for marketing agency clients. By far, the toughest medium has been blog post writing for clients.

For many small- to medium-sized businesses, the idea of blogging is a foreign concept. You mean, I can have a conversation with my customers? Yes, you can and you should. Blog posts shouldn’t be all about you, after all. It’s about how your business can benefit the customer.Continue Reading

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