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February 2009 Search Engine Market Share | ComScore

ComScore February 2009 Search Engine Market Share

February: 63.3%
January 2009: 63.0%
Change: +0.3

January 2008: 58.5%
Change: +4.8

February: 20.6%
January 2009: 21.0%
Change: -0.4

January 2008: 22.2%
Change: -1.6

February: 8.2%
January 2009: 8.5%
Change: -0.3

January 2008: 9.8%
Change: -1.6

February: 4.1%
January 2009: 3.7%
Change: +0.4

January 2008: 4.5%
Change: -0.4

February: 3.9%
January 2009: 3.9%
Change: 0.0

January 2008: 4.9%
Change: -1.0

Data scoring techniques tend to change over time making past data inaccurate. As always, information here is for entertainment purposes only.

Source: comScore

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6 Responses to February 2009 Search Engine Market Share | ComScore

  1. mens ties says:

    it shows ask is improving it market share which is quite good i saw there spiders scrolling in my site regularly …

    Google its NO.1 again No words to express


  2. Its interesting MSN is losing marketshare considering how much money they are throwing at their search division. Also I would have expected yahoo to have lost more marketshare with all their current problems.

  3. number fan says:

    No surprise here. Google is dominating again, and yahoo keeps losing market share. It makes sense, since google has by far the best product.

  4. We’ll see what microsoft can do with the new service they have, which I believe is called Bing. Something tells me it won’t be enough to make a difference…

  5. Lozil says:

    I use Google because, It loads fast and Gives Quick Results… Which is i like the most… And I also like the no Nonsense look of the search page.

  6. 5 Tips that Can Make Your Life Easier When Using Yahoo Search Marketing | says:

    [...] Unfortunately, a number of these items are a result of shortcomings within Yahoo’s platform. Let’s face it: their interface isn’t as easy-to-use, transparent, or streamlined as Google Adwords’ interface which leaves them with a serious disadvantage (not to mention Google keeps taking more market share). [...]