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February 2009 Search Engine Market Share | ComScore

ComScore February 2009 Search Engine Market Share

February: 63.3%
January 2009: 63.0%
Change: +0.3

January 2008: 58.5%
Change: +4.8

February: 20.6%
January 2009: 21.0%
Change: -0.4

January 2008: 22.2%
Change: -1.6

February: 8.2%
January 2009: 8.5%
Change: -0.3

January 2008: 9.8%
Change: -1.6

February: 4.1%
January 2009: 3.7%
Change: +0.4

January 2008: 4.5%
Change: -0.4

February: 3.9%
January 2009: 3.9%
Change: 0.0

January 2008: 4.9%
Change: -1.0

Data scoring techniques tend to change over time making past data inaccurate. As always, information here is for entertainment purposes only.

Source: comScore

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6 Responses to February 2009 Search Engine Market Share | ComScore

  1. mens ties says:

    it shows ask is improving it market share which is quite good i saw there spiders scrolling in my site regularly …

    Google its NO.1 again No words to express


  2. Its interesting MSN is losing marketshare considering how much money they are throwing at their search division. Also I would have expected yahoo to have lost more marketshare with all their current problems.

  3. number fan says:

    No surprise here. Google is dominating again, and yahoo keeps losing market share. It makes sense, since google has by far the best product.

  4. Lozil says:

    I use Google because, It loads fast and Gives Quick Results… Which is i like the most… And I also like the no Nonsense look of the search page.

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