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Securing a Marketing-Rich Domain Name: Multiple Domains: YourDomainSucks.com


If you are in a highly visible industry you might want to consider getting yourdomainsucks.com. Several years ago someone put up an anti AOL website at aolsucks.com (You can see a version of this on the wayback machine. )

Who might do such a thing? A disgruntled x-employee, a customer who had a bad experience or even a former spouse or partner. Setting up and hosting a website is relatively easy, and often bad press travels a lot further with a little effort than good press with a lot of effort.

There are some significant drawbacks from trying to capture all negative versions of your domain name. You’ll have to grab all hyphenated, non-hyphenated, plural, and misspelled variations. That can be quite a bit. Take that even a step further, you’ll want to buy the .net, .org, .info, .biz and .us (or your country code) variations. Don’t forget YourDomainSux.com or YourDomainReallySucks either.

Is it worth trying to get all those variations? You’ll have to decide. For some “any press is good press.” For others, not so much. In any case, someone registering a “sucks” version of your domain name is likely to create a legal battle that perhaps neither side wants to engage in.

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