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frustrating website navigation

How to Tank Your Business, Step 1: Frustrating Navigation

Business success is tough. If you’ve had enough of the struggle, there are a number of sure-fire digital marketing strategies to tank your business. Take for instance your website navigation.  Nothing […]

Posted on by Stoney G deGeyter
keyword research navigation

How Keyword Research Can Enhance Your Site Navigation

One of the first orders of business for many of the sites we work on is using keyword research to improve the site’s navigation. Keyword research is just another way […]

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quick seo tips

Don’t Let SEO Perfection Be the Enemy of Progress

SEO can be a little discouraging. You’re always hearing that it’s a long haul and you won’t see immediate results. It can really test your patience. What you don’t hear […]

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achieve business failure

Achieve Swift Business Failure With These 7 Tips

Everyone in America is so obsessed with success. But you know what success breeds? More work. Fortunately, I’ve been witness to some of the worst practices in digital marketing–practices guaranteed […]

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How a Deeper Navigation Gives You Higher Quality Landing Pages

A quality navigation layout starts with organizing your top-level categories. However, these categories are merely the doorways to much deeper, more valuable content. If your company sells footwear, it makes […]

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keywords in navigation

How to Build Website Navigation Using Keyword Research

Keyword research isn’t just for on-page optimization anymore! If that’s all you’re using keyword research for, you’re missing out on a whole lot of value and opportunity for your website. […]

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eliminate navigation

Why You Should Be Able to Ditch Your Website’s Navigation

Now before you put me in the loony bin for that title, please rest assured I don’t really think you should ditch your navigation. Clear and effective navigation is essential to every […]

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