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That's Embarrassing…

I found this little article by Martin Lemieux entitled, “Are You Getting Nuked By Google Lately?” It talks about how Google is “nuking” web sites off their data banks, especially […]

SEO in a Nutshell

This article by David Wallace talks about SEO and how it has grown in the past few years. It also gives a little history of SEO and just basically talks […]

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Google's New View

Google just unleashed their new “Google Video Viewer” which will allow users to view an entire video or a clip of a video that is relevant to your search. This […]

Hitting the "Keyword Target" of Marketing

J.K. Bowman’s Spider Food has some great articles about web site marketing and optimization. There are a number of these articles that range from finding your target audience to optimizing […]

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The Value of Press Releases

Paul Chaney’s article entitiled, “The ‘Real’ Value Of Press Releases, Search Engine Marketing,” talks about how press releases have a certain value for search engine marketing. “Thanks to the distribution […]

What's Missing for #1?

This article from eMedia Wire.com talks about how basic site optimization is sometimes not enough for the #1 position. It goes on to explain about optimized press releases and RSS […]

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